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Taize prayer

What are we looking for when we talk about prayer? What is it? Talking to young people and adolescents, they sometimes put it in similar terms: why should we pray?
I don't know if it is easy to explain, but it is easy to understand. It's about talking to the one who loves you, the one you love.
When you love someone, when someone loves you, the normal thing is to treat each other, to talk, to meet, to share time and activities. Prayer is something like that. Prayer is an activity carried out by humanity since always, since they address the divinity. It has changed over the centuries, as one knows what God is like and learns not to be afraid of Him.
In the Gospels we discover how Jesus prayed, and he teaches us how our prayer should be: trusting, habitual, filial. From Jesus we learned the most important prayer for Christians, the Our Father, which usually accompanies the prayer at Taize.
The religious tradition of Christianity has given rise to many forms of prayer, many styles; the 'liturgy of the hours' fills the day from dawn to night, making the prayer of the church constant, uninterrupted, not only since the centuries, but throughout each day. The Word of God, in the sacred texts, in the psalms, in the gospels, in song and music, slowly meditated, repeated and repeated, connect us with the One who leads us to God.
In that tradition we can find the prayer of Taize; when you attend the Church of Reconciliation, in the Taize Community, and join in a constant, universal prayer. Taize style prayer is recognized by repetitive songs, psalms, silence; but also, in welcoming everyone, simplicity; and in candles, icons, music.
I like to think that, from my computer, or from my smartphone, with this proposal of prayer with Taize chants, in a certain way I can connect with all that, join the community that prays and speaks with those who know us and love us, from that small place in France.

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